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Eternal Gaming Lounge News

Our First Server

[CA] Nemesis a posted Sep 28, 17

Our First Server

The first server EGL will be Survive The Nights as soon as it releases. If you have not heard of Survive The Nights.  Please check these links below!!!

Main Website: https://www.survivethenights.net/

Steam Store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/541300/Survive_the_Nights/ 

 I have been following the game production for the last 2 to 3 years. The developers seem to be putting in a lot of content into the game and want it to have a good early access release.

I am glad that a group of developers are taking the time to create a proper early access release. In the end only time will tell if these developers have done it right. I am hoping that they bring the confidence back to gamers about early access games. It also would raise the bar for all early access game development.

Sorry everyone,

 I have been very busy over the past month with work and vacation. Time has been my biggest issue at this point and certain things in life take priority. I will be letting everyone know soon about what servers we will be running and a project that I will be working on.

Website Update

[CA] Nemesis a posted Jul 27, 17

Hey everyone,

I bet you have notice that the website has a few changes. You can say thanks to Angus for giving the website a new look. He has spent many hours making everything look good. He still has a lot of other changes that are coming in the future.

Thanks for supporting EGL


Have Fun Gaming!!!

We are still here!

[CA] Nemesis a posted Jul 20, 17

Hello Members,

 I believe many members are thinking that EGL is slowly dying. I will say that activity in the community is low and there has been a decrease in activity on TeamSpeak. I believe this is due to the games that have been released over the past year and discord.

I have been looking through all the different games that have come out and also looking at ones that are soon to be released. The problem I have ran into with a lot of newly released games. Is that the companies don’t let you run a dedicated server. You have to rent a server from one of their approved provider and then limit what you can do with the server.

Discord came out and became the communication device that almost everyone wants to use. I understand that it allows people to create their own space for free. I will continue to run a 512 slot TeamSpeak because I want gamers to be able to socialize with others. I feel that discord is going to take away gamers abilities to meet and communicate with other gamers. Not every gamer plays the same game.

I wanted everyone know that we are still here and EGL is not going anywhere any time soon.

My goal over the next few months is to get more gaming servers up and to get more people onto TeamSpeak. More information will be released as we move forward

Thank You to everyone who supports EGL

And remember

Have Fun Gaming!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!