! Welcome to AbberNation !

AbberNation is a brand new Aberration server hosted by EGL. The idea of this server is to be able to explore and enjoy the new DLC without introducing any mods that might break some of the challenges the map has to offer. All Tek will be available to everyone at a specific level.

AbberNation Setup:

Exp - x3
Gather - x3
Tame - x5
Breeding: incubation/maturation - x8 / Imprinting x3 / Mating interval - x2
Survivor: water/food consumption - x.8 / Increased Weight/LV

Currently the server is running 2 mods.

Glass Metal Mod - introduces a variety of transparent structures with different shades, models and color.

Stacking Mod - Unlike many stack-able mods out there this one does not reduce weight. The stack increase varies per item, but is just a slight adjustment to reduce transfer lag.

Example of Stacking:
Official metal stacks at - 100
Mod metal stacks at - 250

Enjoy the ARK Aberration server
and remember
Have fun gaming!!!